GPSF and Student Government Town Hall Meeting

Monday, January 25th at 5:30 PM

100 Genome Sciences Building

In light of recent events, members of the GPSF and members of the Executive Branch and Congress of Student Government will be holding a town hall meeting to discuss the plans for the role of GPSF in Student Government in the future. Two plans will be presented and discussed: one for a separation of GPSF from the rest of student government and one for redefining the role of GPSF within student government. This open meeting will be an opportunity for all students to learn about what has led us here, what the possible solutions are, and how they will impact students. It will be an open forum for graduate and professional and undergraduate students to learn about the two plans and ask questions.

Current Student Constitution (last updated February 12, 2013)

Proposed Separation Constitution – Establishes two separate governments: a graduate and professional student government and an undergraduate student government

Proposed Co-optation Constitution – Redefines the role of the GPSF within the existing Student Government to give the GPSF more legislative power

Helpful summaries:

Quick Info on Constitutional Changes

Schematic View of Each Constitution

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation (GPSF) is a representative advocacy organization dedicated to serving all graduate and professional students at UNC-CH. We advocate for improved campus and community resources to campus administrators and state and federal legislatures. We collaborate with the university administration, faculty, staff, and undergraduate students to create policies that respond to the particular needs and interests of all graduate and professional students. We connect graduate and professional students both socially and intellectually across disciplines.


franklinnight copyThe updated GPSF Resource Guide has the answers to many questions you’ll have as a student living in Chapel Hill or Carrboro, including (but not limited to): How do I find housing? How does public transit work? How can I find out more about my healthcare package as an RA/TA? Where can my family attend religious services? Does anyone around here play sports?

Do you have a resource to add? Visit the GPSF Forum and let us know!



GPSF offers funding in the form of appropriations to cover costs of academic and social events, awards to help pay for research-related travel, and mentorship awards. We also help students find potential funding sources all around campus. See the following quick links for funding info and applications, or click the image to the left for a full guide:

Senate AppropriationsSocial AppropriationsTravel AwardsGraduate Mentorship AwardGPSF Emergency FundDepartmental Allocations, UNC Funding Info Portal (a huge searchable collection of funding opportunities)


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