GPSF Executive Board Applications!

Apply here!

GPSF Cabienet Applications!

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GPSF External Appointees Needed


External appointments offer the opportunity to make direct contributions to University policy, increase the visibility and voice of graduate and professional students and gain relevant experience in academia with a low time commitment.

Visit the External Appointments page to view vacant positions, and email to apply.

GPSF Senators Needed

The Senate seeks to discuss and reach consensus about graduate/professional student issues, and also to award funds for events and travel.

Visit the Senate page to view departments with vacant senator spots, and email to apply.

GPSF Cabinet Members Needed

The Cabinet brainstorms, designs, implements, and engages new initiatives in collaboration with the graduate and professional student community.

Current vacancies: None

Visit the Cabinet page to view vacant positions, and email to apply.

GPSF Temporary Committees Members Needed

Various cabinet and legislative members may form temporary committees to complete certain projects. As such, this will be temporary commitment for any one committee in which you choose to be involved.

Current vacancies: None

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