This page includes the governing instruments of GPSF and a description of its structure.

GPSF Constitution – Governing instrument of GPSF (Updated 03/05/18)
2017-2018 Cabinet Charter – Cabinet governing document (Updated 03/05/18)
2016-2017 External Appointments Charter – External Appointments governing document
GPSF Treasury Laws – How GPSF funds can be spent
Funding Guidelines – Explanation of what types of events we can fund
2017-2018 Annual Budget -How we plan to spend our money (Updated 03/05/18)
2016-2017 Reserve Budget -How we plan to spend our leftover money from previous years
Travel Awards Law – Rules for Travel Awards
UNC Honor Court – How to be a good UNC student
GPSF logo – For publicity use; high resolution (Updated 9/15)

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation (GPSF) is a representative advocacy organization dedicated to serving all graduate and professional students at UNC-CH. We use a three-branch system: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

The Executive branch is primarily responsible for advocacy on behalf of our constituents. It is composed of the Executive Board and the GPSF Cabinet, whose task is to take actions in the University and local community that will serve the best interests of graduate and professional students.

The Legislative branch is composed of the GPSF Senate. The Senate is composed of members from all degree-granting graduate and professional programs at UNC. The Senate is responsible for the disbursement of student fees, as well as the creation of legislation that reflects the interests of the community.

The Judicial branch is composed of the Graduate Honor Court. The Honor Court hears cases of honor code violations, including academic violations (e.g. plagiarism, cheating) and conduct violations (e.g. drug possession, DUI).

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