UNC-CH Honor System including the Honor Code and Committee on Student Conduct

Honor System Orientation Presentation

UNC-CH Instrument of Student Judicial Governance

Graduate and Professional Honor System Leadership

Working with The Instrument

For more than 130 years, Carolina students have pledged not to lie, cheat, or steal.  Students enjoy a great deal of freedom at Carolina and have been entrusted to hold each other accountable for maintaining a just and safe community, as embodied in the Honor Code as contained in the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance. The Instrument is the University’s official statement of the rules and regulations that guide the Honor System.  The list of prohibited conduct and the possible sanctions given by the Honor Court can all be found in the Instrument. This document also includes information on the rights and responsibilities of all members of our community to the Honor System and under the Honor System. The Instrument serves as the University’s definitive statement on student disciplinary governance.  It delineates the Honor Code and includes all structures and procedures of our Honor System.

The Honor Code and the Honor System were established to protect the ideals of honor, integrity, and the responsible exercise of freedom.   The Graduate and Professional Schools Honor System adjudicates graduate and professional students’ alleged Honor Code violations. Information regarding the Graduate and Professional Schools Honor System, as well as additional information regarding the Honor System, can be found at studentconduct.unc.edu

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