The Cabinet is part of the GPSF Executive Branch that enables exceptionally motivated graduate and professional students to serve as chairs or co-chairs of particular areas of campus and community life that require our participation in policy-making and programming. The Cabinet and the Executive Officers brainstorm, design, implement, and engage new initiatives in collaboration with the graduate and professional student community. All students and members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

2016-2017 GPSF Cabinet Charter

Meeting Times (unless otherwise indicated)
Date: 3rd Tuesday of the month, August through April
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm
Location: McGavran-Greenberg Hall, 1304

2016-17 Meeting Documents

August 23, 2016: Agenda and Minutes
September 20, 2016: Agenda and Minutes, Cabinet Reports
October 10, 2016: Agenda and Minutes, Cabinet Reports
November 15, 2016: Agenda and Minutes, Cabinet Reports

GPSF Cabinet Archives

Cabinet Positions

University Life Team

A subset of the Cabinet dedicated to working on graduate and professional concerns related to our academic life and professional development.

Academic Policy Chair
Robert Kurzydlowski

Addresses contemporary issues regarding academic policy implemented by UNC and The Graduate School. Advocates for change to current University doctrine on enrollment, dissertation copyright, etc. to benefit the graduate/professional student population as a whole.

External Appointments:

  • Committee on Student Conduct (CoSC)
  • Educational Policy Committee
  • Provost’s Student Grievance Committee
Information Technology Policy Chair
Sarah Griffin

Primarily responsible for leading policy centered on the use of information technology on campus and in the classroom. The chair serves as members of the ConnectCarolina Student Advisory Group as well as the Student Technology Advisory Board (STAB). Voice student needs and concerns about ConnectCarolina, computing labs, printing, the CCI program, email, online calendars, education content management systems (i.e. Blackboard and Sakai), etc. Technical knowledge of computers or these systems is not required, only a desire to mold them for optimal benefit to the graduate and professional student body.

External Appointments:

  • Student Technology Advisory Board
  • Chancellor’s Committee on Copyright (ITS Copyright Committee)
  • University Committee on Copyright
Professional Development Chair
Jennifer Kernan

Works with career services and the center for professional development to provide resources for students preparing for life beyond their education at UNC.

External Appointments:

  • Career Services Advisory Board
  • Graduate Student Professional Development Advisory Council
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week
TA/RA Advocate
Mary Oliva

Responds to the concerns of TAs and RAs at UNC. They work to connect them with appropriate resources and advocates for policies that support this portion of the graduate student body.

External Appointments:

  • Center for Faculty Excellence
  • Web-based Course Evaluation
Mentoring Chair
Rachel Tyson | Amy Lin

Addresses contemporary issues regarding mentoring policies implemented by UNC and The Graduate School. Manages the Graduate and Professional Student Mentorship Award.

External Appointments:

  • Chancellor’s Awards Committee
  • University Teaching Awards Committee


Student Life Team

A subset of the Cabinet dedicated on ensuring quality of life for graduate and professional students.

Health Policy Co-Chairs
Alyse Moses-Lebron

Responsible for issues pertaining to health insurance, the student health service, and health policy for graduate and professional students at UNC-CH. Serves as a member of the Student Health Advisory Board and will advocate for Student Mental Health and Wellness resources.

External Appointments:

  • Campus Health Services Advisory Board
Campus and Personal Safety Advocate
Calvin Deutschbein

Works on addressing student safety concerns, both on and near campus. The advocate will hold a seat on the Student Safety and Security Committee.

External Appointments:

  • Campus Personal Safety
  • Student Safety and Security Committee
  • Harassment Advisory Committee
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee
Transportation Chair
Maureen Devlin

Works on campus transportation and parking issues at UNC. The advocate will hold a seat on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Transportation (ACT).

External Appointments:

  • Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Transportation
  • Night Safety Advisory Group
  • Traffic and Parking Appeals Committee


University and Community Relations Team

A subset of the Cabinet concerned with our relationships to members of the local, state, and national community, as well as the environment.

City and Local Relations Chair
Sabrina Willard

Represents the graduate and professional student perspective on The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership Downtown Outreach Workgroup and actively works to maintain a positive rapport with town officials. Also participates in meetings and events in Chapel Hill and Carrboro that are relevant to the lives of graduate and professional students.

External Appointments:

  • Downtown Chapel Hill Partnership (attendance only, not a board member)
Legislative Affairs Chair
Leah Osae

Collects information about current legislation that affects graduate students. Acts as a member of the Association of Student Governments (ASG) and Student Advocates for Graduate Education (SAGE) and has the opportunity to attend the lobbying day in Washington D.C. in the spring.

External Appointments:

  • Student Advocates for Graduate Education (SAGE) Chief Delegate
Public Relations Chair
Lingyue Zhu

Works to provide appropriate promotion and communication of GPSF events and activities. This can include but is not limited to press releases, promotional items, flyers/posters, internet postings, publicity campaigns, and press coverage. Also, serves on committees relating to University media and is responsible for coordinating GPSF introduction presentations at each degree program’s orientation.

External Appointments:

  • Student Television Board of Directors
  • WXYC Board of Directors
Public Service Chair
Andreas Jozwiak

Provides service opportunities for graduate/professional students by planning service events in the town and surrounding communities.

External Appointments:

  • Carolina Center for Public Service Advisory Board
  • Carolina Engagement Council
Sustainability Chair
JP Rippe

Work on initiating sustainability projects on campus and member of the sustainability task force. The chair will serve on the Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee and the Sustainability Advisory Committee.

External Appointments:

  • Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee
  • Sustainability Advisory Committee


Student Communities Team

A subset of the Cabinet concerned with representing the perspectives and needs of different student groups and communities within the graduate and professional population.

International Student Advocate
Joanna Warren

Ensure that international students’ voices are heard regarding the challenges and concerns they face in a relatively unfamiliar academic and cultural context. Works closely with the International Student and Scholar Services (OISSS), to facilitate the connections among the university administration, graduate student organizations, and internationals student associations.

External Appointments:

  • International Affairs Advisory Council
  • Visiting Global Students Program Committee
  • Graduate Student Professional Development Advisory Council
Diversity Chair
Lauren Townsend | Gar Yeung

Addresses issues and needs of diverse student populations. Works closely with the UNC LGBTIQ Center and serve on committees throughout the university in order to anticipate the needs of and provide a voice for graduate students who identify as minorities. Ensures that the University’s efforts to address the Diversity Plan are attentive to the needs of graduate and professional students, and diverse or non-traditional subpopulations. The Diversity Chair is also currently working on the Carolina Conversations project.

External Appointments:

  • Community and Diversity
  • LGBTIQ Center Roundtable
  • Provost’s Committee on LGBTIQ Life
Student Disability Advocate
Kevin Yu
Advocates for services, awareness, and increased accessibility for students with disabilities. Preference is given to a student with personal knowledge about disability issues, but interest is sufficient.
Student Family Advocate
Kathryn Wouk

Advocates for events and services for student with children and partners/spouses. Serves on related childcare and women’s health university committees. Preference is given to a student with personal knowledge about childcare issues, but interest is sufficient.

External Appointments:

  • Chancellor’s Childcare Advisory Committee
  • SHARE Women’s Health and Safety


GPSF Coordination Team

A subset of the Cabinet concerned with developing special projects within GPSF, and ensuring we best represent the graduate and professional population as a whole.

Student Opportunity Advocate
Manny Hernandez

Responsible for our broad message to direct University resources and functions to graduate and professional students. Works on alumni relations, as well as assisting with various projects, including the GPSF Emergency Fund.

External Appointments:

  • Provost’s Student Grievance Committee
Social Chair
Autumn McClellan
Responsible for promoting interaction among UNC’s graduate and professional student population. Often students see only people in their own departments and rarely get a chance to exchange ideas and enjoy the company of students in other fields of graduate study. The goal of the social chair(s) is to make the graduate/professional experience more fun by providing an environment geared towards the social side of a student’s life.
Special Projects Co-Chairs
Ashley Moody | Adam Moss

Serves as the liaison between GPSF and the Graduate School for Orientation and University Research Day and is the point person on other special GPSF projects.

External Appointments:

  • Carolina Union Board of Directors (2 year appointment)
  • University Day Committee
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