Name: Lauren Townsend

Department/Program: Philosophy, Ph.D.

Year Admitted: 2013

GPSF Initiatives/Involvement: GPSF Diversity Chair (2016-present)

Academic Summary: Lauren graduated from the University of South Florida with her B.A. in philosophy and worked briefly for the USF Office of National Scholarships before starting her Ph.D. in philosophy at UNC-Chapel Hill. She earned her M.A in philosophy from Chapel Hill with a thesis exploring the value of boredom in life and is currently working on a dissertation about human fragility and unpleasant emotions.


Gar YeungName: Gar Yeung

Department/Program: Environmental Engineering/City and Regional Planning (MA); Gillings School of Public Health

Year Admitted: 2015

GPSF Initiatives/Involvement: Diversity co-chair

Academic Summary: Gar Yeung is a dual masters student in Environmental Engineering and City & Regional Planning and received his BS in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2012. His research currently focuses on developing a land use regression model for surface water constituents in the Cape Fear River Basin.

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