Expenses related to education:

Graduate Student Opportunity Fund: The purpose of the Graduate Student Opportunity Fund (GSOF) is to assist students at Carolina with unusual and unexpected academic expenses. A private donor initiated this Fund to help students from incurring large debt burdens during their graduate education and to help meet unusual graduate student needs. The Fund is designed to allow for a quick and flexible response to meet relatively small and non-recurring, unusual academic-related expenses of graduate students.


Travel funding:

Graduate Student Transportation Grant: The purpose of the Graduate Student Transportation Grant is to assist graduate students with some of the transportation costs necessary for travel to a regional, national, or international academic conference or professional society meeting to present their dissertation research. At this time, due to funding limitations, only doctoral students at the end of their graduate programs are eligible for this travel funding assistance.


Funding in general:

UNC Funding Information Portal: A huge, searchable, and sortable collection of databases for funding opportunities all over UNC. This page includes instructions specifically for graduate students.

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