Departmental Allocations are distributed at the end of the Spring semester for use by June 30 of that year. In order to be eligible for your allocation, a representative from your department/school/program must have attended six of the eight Senate meetings. The amount of money allocated is based on the number of students in your department/school/program and the membership of a Senator on a committee. For more information please see Article VII, Part C of the GPSF Treasury Laws.


Allocation applications will be open at the end of the final Senate meetingĀ and are due within 10 days. The amount that you are eligible for will be calculated by the GPSF Treasurer and communicated to you at least 3 weeks prior to the last Senate meeting. If you notice an error in the calculation of your amount you must notify the Treasurer before the final Senate meeting.


Funds will be transferred directly to your SAFO account, if one is available. If your department does not have a SAFO account, you must submit receipts to the GPSF Treasurer before June 26, 2016 to get reimbursed before the end of the Fiscal Year (June 30). No reimbursements will be granted after this date. For information on what GPSF funds cannot be used for please see Aricle VIII of the GPSF Treasury Laws.


The online allocation submission form can be found here; the applications will be open at the end of the final Senate meeting and remain open for ten (10) days.
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