GPSF has established a separate social budget to provide funding for students interested in planning interdisciplinary social related activities for graduate and professional students.  The goal of the Federation in establishing such a funding opportunity is to encourage interaction between graduate and professional students across different departments or universities. The GPSF is now accepting applications for these events.

This application is for social events only. For academic- or community service-oriented events, you must apply to Senate Appropriations.



GPSF’s budget provides up to $6,000 for social event funding, which includes social events which are planned by the GPSF for campus-wide events. This process is overseen by the GPSF Cabinet Social Committee and the Executive Board. The committee will not exceed funding $300 per request. The budget is limited and cannot consistently support request in the $300 range. It is also possible to meet all of the guidelines and NOT receive full funding. The distribution of the budget is rolling and when the funds have expired, so will the ability to apply for them. So, send in those applications early!



Any graduate or professional student(s) enrolled at UNC Chapel Hill or student groups are eligible to apply for a social appropriation.  There is no limit to the number of times a student may apply for funding during a given school year, although the frequency by which one applies will be considered relative to number of applications received.


Events that meet the following criteria will be considered for funding:

  • As the Federation’s social appropriations are to encourage interactions between students from different disciplines, the diversity of departments included in the proposed event will be strongly considered.
  • Social appropriations will NOT be provided to student organizations for insular social events.
  • Funds cannot be appropriated for events that have already occurred.
  • Funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or items for personal gain (e.g., prizes) or fund-raising.
  • If the funding recipient is a student organization, it must currently be registered with UNC Student Life.
  • Please see the GPSF Treasury Laws for additional information.


Procedure to Receive Funds:

  • Complete the application form found here.
  • The application form must be submitted at least 2 WEEKS prior to the event. Late or incomplete applications will not receive funding.
  • Notification on the decision of the application will be sent at least ONE week before the event.
  • Once funding of any amount has been granted, the planned event must be publicized as a GPSF co-sponsored event. Proof of such recognition must be submitted to the Treasurer (gpsftreasurer@unc.edu).
  • If your organization or department does not have a SAFO Account number, receipts must be provided to the GPSF Treasurer for submission to the SAFO office.

PLEASE NOTE: After your event, you must submit a Post-Funding Report, found here, within 90 days.



For more information on GPSF social appropriations and the application process, please contact the GPSF Treasurer (gpsftreasurer@unc.edu).
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