GPSF can provide funding for your conference or research travel if NO other funding is available through other means, such as department funding, grants, or funds from your Advisor, Principle Investigator (PI), or Mentor. We award Individual and Group Travel Awards. This is a very competitive award, receiving many applications each cycle.

All GPSF funds, including the Travel Awards, come from student fees. All Travel Awards are processed as reimbursements; we cannot disburse funds until after your travel has been completed.


  • Currently enrolled graduate or professional student at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Has NOT received GPSF Travel Award in the past two (2) years

Please review the Travel Awards Law, GradingCriteria, and Travel Awards FAQ; if you have remaining questions, please contact the Travel Awards Chair at

To view members of the Travel Awards Committee and see minutes and agendas, please visit the Senate Committees page.


You must apply for a GPSF Travel Award based on your travel dates. See the chart below for more information.

Funding Cycle If your travel occurs… Submit an application by…
 Fall Cycle 1 July 1 – September 30 September 1
Fall Cycle 2 October 1 – December 31 November 1
Spring Cycle 1 January 1 – March 31 February 1
Spring Cycle 2 April 1 – June 30 March 20


Access the GPSF Travel Awards Application here.

Award Timeline

After the application deadline, the Travel Awards Committee will review the applications and make recommendations for funding. These recommendations will be presented to the GPSF Senate and voted upon; pending Senate approval, applicants will be notified of their award. After ensuring all eligibility criteria are met and the Treasurer has received your reimbursement documents, a check will be written and mailed to you.

Requirements for Reimbursement

Once awarded a GPSF Travel Award, you will need to provide supporting documentation for your travel. Here are some things to keep in mind before you travel that will help ensure your reimbursement is processed quickly and in-full.

  • All receipts must be originals and itemized
    • Photocopied receipts are not acceptable. In order to be good stewards of student fee money, we must ensure that all reimbursements are legitimate and not duplicated. If the only receipt provided is digital – such as an email receipt for a flight or hotel reservation – you may submit a printed version of this receipt. If you have lost your original receipt, you should call or visit the vendor and ask for another copy to be printed. No expenses will be reimbursed without an original receipt.
    • Itemized receipts explicate exactly what was purchased. Credit card slips and copies of bank/credit card statements are not acceptable. No expenses will be reimbursed without an itemized receipt.

Here is what an Itemized Receipt looks like:


Here are what Non-Itemized Receipts look like:


  • You must provide Proof of Attendance
    • For conference travel, you may use the confirmation email that states your acceptance or you may use the page in the conference program which lists your presentation. If you are attending a conference and not presenting, you must submit your conference registration confirmation.
    • For research travel, you must have an advisor or supervisor send a signed letter to the Treasurer confirming the details of your travel.
  • You must provide a Brief Summary of Experience
    • This report should be less than one (1) page in length. Your summary should include the purpose of your travel and personal / professional benefits you received.

If you have already been awarded a GPSF Travel Award, please visit the Travel Award Reimbursement page to submit your documents for reimbursement.

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