GPSF can provide funding for your academic- or community service-oriented event. We award Appropriations monthly from October to April, and we operate on a first-come-first-served basis during the summer months.

Review the Senate Appropriations Process below prior to applying. The application can be found below. If any other questions remain, please contact the Senate Appropriations Chair.

Senate Appropriations Process


  • Event must be organized by at least one (1) Registered Student Organization (RSO)
  • Your RSO membership must be comprised of 51% graduate and/or professional students at UNC Chapel Hill or your event must primarily benefit graduate and professional students at UNC Chapel Hill.
  • A current Senator must submit an email endorsing your application to the GPSF Appropriations Chair.
  • Your RSO must have completed the post-funding requirements for previously-funded events (if applicable)
  • Your event must occur after the final funding decision is reached; retroactive funding requests will not be considered.
  • An organization Officer from your RSO must have attended CUSO training during the academic year that you are applying for funds.

Find out if you are a RSO by clicking the link below.

RSO Website

Funding Priorities

  • Events that involve or benefit many graduate and/or professional students; the more the better!
  • Interdepartmental or multidisciplinary events
  • Events that are vital to the organization’s mission or purpose
  • Events that already have matching funding or in-kind donations
  • Events that are unique, as compared to current programming available
  • Requests for speaker fees and speaker travel

Funding Restrictions

  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. The submission deadline is the deadline for ALL required materials, including the application form, Senator approval, and a detailed event budget.
  • Gas and Mileage expenses (including car-sharing services) are capped in line with state per diem rates (per current IRS Standard Mileage Rates for Charitable Organizations)
  • Printing expenses are capped at $0.05/page (8.5×11) for black and white; color, brochures, and posters will be considered case-by-case; printing expenses in excess of $100 must be accompanied by signed quotes / invoices from two (2) vendors.
  • Senate Appropriations come from student fees and are subject to all policies and laws regarding student fees and state funds. Therefore, GPSF cannot fund items such as alcohol, tobacco, or firearms; payment to an ex-employee; or tangible gains to individuals, organizations, or third parties.
  • All Appropriations are subject to the GPSF Code on Treasury Law (Title IX).

Treasury Law

Fundraiser Events

  • GPSF will consider funding applications for events that feature a fundraising component (The GPSF cannot fund tangible gains for individuals or third parties).
  • Funding will most likely take the form of a loan to host event
  • Loan must be repaid to The GPSF within three (3) months of the event with no interest (unless RSO fails to repay under designated time frame).

Prior to application, contact The GPSF Treasurer for further information.


You must apply for Appropriations based on the date of your event. See the chart below for more information:

If your event occurs… Submit an application by… Committee Meeting… Final Approval by…
October 3 – November 6 September 14  September 19 October 2
 November 7 – December 4  October 19  October 23  November 6
 December 5 – January 15  November 16  November 20  December 4
 January 16 – February 5  January 4  January 8  January 15
 February 6 – March 5  January 18  January 22  February 5
 March 6 – April 9  February 15  February 19  March 5
 April 10 – May 7  March 22  March 26  April 9
 May 8 – October 1  1 month before event Summer Governance 2 weeks prior to event


Senate Appropriations Application

Award Timeline/Requirements

  • Submit an application through the application tab. An itemized budget for the entire event must be provided to the GPSF Appropriations Chair. Be sure to submit your application in a timely manner to ensure that your application is complete. 
  • The Appropriations Committee Chair will review the applications to ensure eligibility. If the application is incomplete, it will not be reviewed by the committee.
  • The Chair will contact the RSO designated representative with Committee meeting details. A representative from your organization must attend the Appropriations Committee Meeting to discuss the application and funding request. If no representative is not present at the meeting, your application can be dismissed. The committee meeting will meet at least 10 days prior to the Senate meeting.
  • The Chair will contact the RSO designated representative with the Committee’s recommendations.
  • The Senate will vote on the recommendation (alterations to the recommendation can occur). The Appropriations Chair will contact the RSO representative with the Senate’s decision. 
  • RSO’s who are awarded Appropriations must complete a post-funding report within 30 days of the event to remain in good standing with the GPSF (See Post-Funding Requirements for details).

Post-Funding Requirements

If you are approved for Appropriations funds, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Submit proof of GPSF as an event “co-sponsor” before the event to the GPSF Comptroller.
    • Proof of sponsorship examples: print advertisement, social media pages, and materials distributed at the event that list event sponsors or organizers.
  • GPSF reimbursement will only be equal to itemized expenses.
  • Review the CUSO training PowerPoint available at the RSO Finances page
  • Download and complete the most up-to-date CUSO transactions form.
  • Submit a completed CUSO transaction form to The GPSF Comptroller for review.
    • CUSO transaction form and all reimbursable receipts must be submitted as one combined PDF file.
  • Submit a Post-Funding Report within 30 days after the event by clicking the link below.

Post-Funding Report Submission

Agenda/Meeting Minutes

You can access the Senate Appropriation Agenda and Meeting Minutes on GPSF Sharepoint by clicking on the link below.

GPSF Sharepoint