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GPSF Senate

The legislative authority of GPSF is vested in the Senate, which includes representatives from 76 academic programs and units across the university. Elections are held in April for the following academic year, and any vacancies remaining are filled in a special election the following August. Most of the seats for the 2020-2021 term have been filled, and a list of current senators can be found here. You are encouraged to contact your senator if you have questions or concerns you would like GPSF to address. If you have questions about the Senate or elections in general, please contact Vice President Kat Furtado.

Cabinet Committees

GPSF maintains rolling applications for membership on one (or more) of our 11 Cabinet Committees, which cover the following policy areas:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Student Affairs
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Sustainability & Transportation
  • Government Relations (State, Local, and Federal)
  • Professional Development*
  • Social Programming
  • Public Service
  • Marketing and Public Relations

These committees are responsible for researching and developing policy proposals for improving the graduate and professional student experience at Carolina and working with university administrators to implement those policies. The committee application, which includes a description of each committee, can be accessed here. If you have questions, please contact Chief of Staff Jalyn Howard.

*We are also in search of a Director of Professional Development to lead this committee. If interested, contact Jalyn Howard.

External Appointments

Graduate and professional students have representation on more than 100 committees and task forces around campus, including the Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor, the Tuition and Fees Advisory Task Force, and advisory boards for everything from Campus Recreation to the BeAM Makerspaces. GPSF oversees the appointment of students to these committees, and we have dozens of spots left to fill. The application, which includes a description of each appointment, can be accessed here. If you have questions, please contact Chief of External Relations and Advocacy Maian Adams.

Assessment Coordinator

GPSF is currently taking applications for an Assessment Coordinator. The Assessment Coordinator will coordinate all data collection and analysis for the Executive Branch. The Coordinator will support the policy research and recommendation functions of the Branch and ensure that said recommendations are informed by reliable data. Specifically, the Coordinator will:

  • Assist in designing robust and statistically sound survey tools for collecting quantitative and qualitative input from graduate and professional students.
  • Coordinate focus groups and town halls around identified policy issues.
  • Analyze data collected from various sources and report the results to the appropriate parties within the Executive and Legislative branches.
  • Develop and sustain a partnership with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) for the purpose of improving GPSF’s data collection and analysis techniques as well as sharing relevant data sets.

This position is open until filled, and the application can be found here. If you have questions, contact President Ryan Collins.


GPSF is searching for someone to serve as our official photographer/videographer. This person will be responsible for documenting GPSF events and assisting the communications team in producing digital content. Prior experience with photography/videography is preferred but not required. If interested, please contact Director of Marketing and Public Relations Amanda Smythers.

UNC Student Supreme Court

The Student Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over controversies concerning the branches of Student Government. Its cases frequently involve disputes arising under the Student Constitution, the Joint Code of Student Government, and the Election Code. Composed of five student justices (three undergraduate students and two graduate/professional students), the Court strives to uphold the ideals and values of the Student Code when resolving conflicts placed before it. Student justices serve, during good behavior, for the duration of their enrollment at UNC. More information on the Student Supreme Court can be found here.

There is currently one vacant graduate/professional student seat on the Student Supreme Court, and the application can be found here. The position is open until filled. If you have questions, contact President Ryan Collins.

UNC Board of Elections

The Board of Elections oversees all major student elections at UNC, including those for Student Body President, President of the Undergraduate Student Body, President of the Graduate and Professional Student Federation (GPSF), seats in the Undergraduate and GPSF Senates, Residence Hall Association (RHA) President, Carolina Athletic Association (CAA) President, and Homecoming Court. The BOE also oversees all formal student referenda.

In addition to managing elections, the BOE enforces the UNC Election Code, found in Title II of the Joint Code of Student Government, and adjudicates all disputes arising thereunder. Its decisions are subject to review by the Student Supreme Court, but are otherwise binding on candidates and campaigns.

If you are interested in serving as a graduate/professional student representative on the BOE, the application can be found here. The seats are open until filled. If you have questions, contact President Ryan Collins.

Advertise with GPSF

If you have an event at UNC or you’re interested in working with us to host one, let us know. Contact the GPSF Secretary or Director of Public Relations and Marketing with questions or comments. To request social media advertising or to have information added to our bi-weekly newsletter, which are is to all graduate and professional students at UNC, contact the secretary Secretary. Requests for newsletter additions must be received by the Friday before the newsletter is scheduled to be sent. All newsletters are sent on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.